Buy a 4000 Square foot riverside home for $199 in Vevay, Indiana

VEVAY, Indiana – Interesting development in real estate. You can own a 4,000 square foot home on 2 acres for just a couple hundred dollars. All you have to do is submit $199 and a persuasive essay on why you should win the house. The homeowners decided to get creative when they had trouble selling their […]

Components of a monthly house payment

Calculating your monthly house payment If you are a first time home buyer, you might already expect that when you pay your monthly mortgage payment, you’re paying for more than just your house. To put things simply, you’re paying for a combination of the money you borrowed, plus the interest, taxes, and insurance. These 4 […]

Pueblo, a great place to live

Many of you have already read one of the recent articles published by This article is titled “These are the 10 worst places to live in Colorado” subtitled “We use science to determine which cities in Colorado are the real pits.” How did they scientifically back up their claims? They took the crime rates, […]

Pueblo, the new frontier in real estate

Pueblo…the new frontier in real estate opportunities and quality of life. East coast and west coast investors and buyers are looking for where the new opportunities of real estate. Opportunities are: Pueblo is located on I-25 and HWY 50 that connects the country east to west and north to south. Pueblo has a current population […]

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